YA Review-Rise from Dirt

In this, the third book in the science-fiction YA Dirt and Stars series, we find the continued adventures of Mara, Jael, and Beth along with a new and increasingly diverse cast of young people.

Mara is a “spacer” born on a man-made space station, who came down to Earth in a previous book prepared to endure six weeks of exile on the disease-ridden, war-torn wasteland that spacers call dirt. Instead she makes friends, most surprisingly with Jael, an “earther” of African-American descent. Continue reading “YA Review-Rise from Dirt”


YA-Review Liana’s Dance

Sixteen-year-old Liana is a student at a boarding school in northern Pakistan when religious extremists attack and capture several students. She manages to escape and then, along with one of her teachers, she executes a dangerous plan to rescue her classmates.

I got my copy of Liana’s Dance on NetGalley and gave it three stars.

Continue reading “YA-Review Liana’s Dance”


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