My Front Porch

Girl, is so nice of you to come and visit an old lady. Don’t sit down here, the heat in here is something else. Let’s sit on the front porch and catch some sea breeze. Read more


Touch Down

Yeah boy, ah reach.

The flight? Boy, you know how it is when you come home for carnival. From the time you get on de plane is like you done reach. Read more



She hurried the children to bed without her usual finesse.

“But Mommy …” they protested as she insisted that it was too late for a bedtime story. Usually it was never too late for a book, but tonight was different. She needed them in bed and fast asleep so that she would have time to prepare the house and herself. She kissed the children good night and started to leave.

“When is Daddy coming back?” her daughter asked plaintively. Continue reading “Caught”


The End

It was over. The moment his lips touched hers she knew. After six exquisite months, the relationship was abruptly and decidedly over. Read more


Kept Promises

Three years later (January 2014), I see so many flaws in this story but I still enjoy it and hope you do too.

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A Happy Ending

He came into the world meekly. He kept his eyes closed for a long time, listening to the voices around him. Then in the midst of the activity, he heard a voice he had heard many times before in the nine months he had developed in her womb. Read more

Slave Ship

I noticed them as soon as I walked up the stairs to the second deck of the ship. She sat on the stairs that led to the third deck. A black woman with vacant eyes, set in a very ordinary, unsmiling face. Read more