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    October Inspired

    Nerissa Golden recently posted “It’s October! Are you ready to finish the year strong?” Then my son said to me-“You have to figure out how you work best and make that environment happen.”

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    Get it on the record

    I write fiction and teach fiction and in my teaching I recommend planning novels, especially for first-time novelist. However, a lot of people ask me about memoir-writing, and the number one question I get? How do I start? The answer: Change your mindset and your tools!

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    Making a Change

    I have been inspired a lot by quotes recently. This one is the latest. This quote reminds me to challenge myself often to look at my motives for doing things and to make sure they continue to fit with my view on life. When it comes to my writing, I struggle with one basic “I’ve always done it that way.” I like to write with pen and paper. Yes, I said it. Actually physically, hold in the hand and write with pen and paper. I know: It dates me. It slows my productivity. I lose my notes occasionally (read regularly). I used to claim that my brain was stimulated when…

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    Writers’ Block

    The majority of writers experience writers’ block at some point. That moment/ day/ week/ year where you sit in front of a blank page and words fail you. I used to experience writers’ block much more often than I do now.One of the worst experiences was when I was writing the novel Fury on Soufrière Hills. I had written my three child protagonists into an impossible situation. It took me four months to get them out. Every day I stared at that blank screen unable to come up with a single idea. This was nine years ago, and I don’t recall what eventually jolted me out of that mess. I was…

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    Can you make inspiration happen?

    Image by Grace Ho  I recently came across the saying – “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” which is often incorrectly attributed to Einstein (the correct attribution is unknown). The phrase resonated with me, although I would rephrase it to “Creativity is hard work having fun.” Advertisement

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    Why Audio Books Work

    I don’t recall why, but several years ago, I borrowed the first Harry Potter book on tape and started playing it in the car. It was my second experience with audio books, and it was life-changing. The narrator Jim Dale brought the book to life. Our whole family listened, including my daughter who, at the time, was too young to read the book herself; and my husband who would come home from work and spend some time catching up from where he had last left off.

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    Reader Respect

    In Roger Sale’s “Fairy Tales and After: From Snow White to E. B. White,” Sale discusses one difference between two groups of authors, namely pre-eighteenth-century writers of the fables we now read as fairy tales, and those authors who wrote after childhood became a firmly entrenched concept.

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    Burt Award for Caribbean Literature Now Open for Submissions

    CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Now in its fifth year, the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature recognizes up to three English-language literary works for young adults (aged 12 through 18) written by Caribbean authors. CaribbeanReads has had the pleasure of publishing two Burt Award winners, 2nd place winner in 2014 Musical Youth by Joanne C. Hillhouse and 3rd place winner in 2016 The Protectors’ Pledge by Danielle Y. C. McClean. This year, the winning title will be awarded $10,000 CDN, and two finalists will be awarded $2,000 CDN each. Publishers of winning titles will be awarded a guaranteed purchase of up to 2,500 copies, which will be donated to schools, libraries, and…