Making a Change

I have been inspired a lot by quotes recently. This one is the latest.

This quote reminds me to challenge myself often to look at my motives for doing things and to make sure they continue to fit with my view on life.

When it comes to my writing, I struggle with one basic “I’ve always done it that way.” I like to write with pen and paper. Yes, I said it. Actually physically, hold in the hand and write with pen and paper.

I know:

  • It dates me.
  • It slows my productivity.
  • I lose my notes occasionally (read regularly).

I used to claim that my brain was stimulated when I write by hand, and there are many studies which support that idea. However, that’s not the reality for me, at least not anymore. Over time, typing for the many other things I do besides creativity writing, my thoughts flow as freely when I type as when I write by hand. Since I type faster than I hand write, my typing does a better job keeping up with the flow of thoughts.

What’s something in your writing process you’ve done forever and know you need to change?

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