The Right Name

After one of my books is approved for publication I become almost maniacal checking Amazon to see when they make it available for sale. Nothing was different with my latest YA novel, Barberry Hill. I searched for the title and, what you see above is what I got: ‘Showing results for Burberry Hill.’ Wait what? No!

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My Travel Bug

View of one section of Ho Chi Minh City
If you know me, you know I love to travel. I tell people I will never be rich because every time I have two pennies to spare I am on a plane. My most recent trip was to Vietnam with a stop in Dubai on the way back. Vietnam was the first Asian country I had ever visited and it lived up to every expectation. Continue reading “My Travel Bug”


Murder Anyone?

This may sound cynical but I believe that most of us are capable of murder. The question is how far would the average Joe–not a psychopath or otherwise mentally ill person–have to be pushed in order to actually go through with murdering someone? Continue reading “Murder Anyone?”


Once Upon a Time


Dakota Fanning in the 2007 movie version of Charlotte’s Web


“Where’s Papa going with that ax?” said Fern…
This line, the first in Charlotte’s Webb is one of the most famous children’s book first lines.

We immediately are interested in what is coming next, we connect with Fern’s concern, and get a sense of the urgency of Wilbur’s plight. You can probably assign varying intonations to it. Fern might be asking the question innocently, curiously, or with full knowledge of what it means when papa picks up that ax and goes outside. Where IS “…papa going with that ax” indeed.
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Be the Enabler

helping-hand-4501-2800x600Newton’s laws of motion are the sort of laws that must have seemed like common sense once he came up them. The first one states that “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” So if you are moving you stay moving unless something stops you and if you are stationary you stay that way unless something moves you. Continue reading “Be the Enabler”