Book Shepherding

Do you have a story that needs to be told? Sharing your story with the world is within reach of anyone with an interesting idea or story to tell. However, it is important to do it right so that your book shines next to all other books on the shelves.

I have provided editing, design, and general advice to many authors over the last few years. In addition to my experience, I trained in editing at University of California, Berkley College.

A consultation includes step-by-step on getting your book from your computer out into the world. Consultations range from forty-five minutes to one and a half hours. Contact me for details on how we can get you on the road to publishing your book.


Self-publishing consultation

Pre-design: Advice on Getting Started
Post-design: Evaluation of layout, blurb, and general book appearance


Basic copyediting
Heavy Copyediting
Substantive Editing

Other services include

Book query writing
Ghostwriting, as told to
Ghostwriting, no credit
Manuscript evaluation and critique
Novel synopsis and book jacket copywriting
Advertising and Press Release copywriting
Catalog copywriting
E-mail ad copywriting

Contact me with details on your project for rates.