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    Stranded in Paradise

    This weekend I was invited to Montserrat to present my latest book, Fury on Soufriere Hills (now on sale on Amazon btw) to the Montserrat Public Library. I was scheduled to return yesterday in time to submit my already prepared post, however, bad weather prevented me from returning until this evening. I wish that I could say that I was…

  • On Writing

    Chee Chee in the BVI

    Chee Chee, the vervet monkey featured in the Caribbean Adventure Series and Chee Chee’s Adventures, had a real life adventure this month. Read about it on the Caribbean Reads website.

  • Children and Reading

    Help! My child won’t read

    Many parents worry because their children don’t want to read. The first step to addressing this, is to try to find out the cause of their reluctance. Once you know the why, it is much easier to come up with a mutually acceptable solution.

  • For the kids

    Children’s Short Stories

    See the Caribbean Adventure Series website for a number of short stories for children and the young at heart. Topics include: Chee Chee’s Adventures Sea Scapes Adventures in Ghana Christmas 2010

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    Singing in a Strange Land

    I have been living in Ghana for ten months now. My friends and fans are always asking me, when will you write a story based in Ghana. I never voiced this answer, but in my heart, the answer has been “never”.

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    Great Responsibility

    In my first post at Novel Spaces, as a guest blogger, I wrote about the responsibility that I feel as a writer of children’s books to produce books that positively impact my young readers.

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    Cheat Sheet

    I am by no means a scholar in the area of Caribbean Children’s Literature. My qualifications in this field are very simple: I am West Indian, a mother, a lover of books and an author. So I am particularly pleased for this opportunity to get on my soap box.

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    Time Travel

    I have always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. It is a tricky topic, expertly handled by some authors like Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan, not so well handled by others.