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    It’s Not Your Job

    I do my best to support my fellow Caribbean authors, so when I came across a new book by an author from the region I looked for it on Amazon and took a “Look Inside”. I did this because although I am a self-published author and wholly support self-publishing, I am painfully aware of the wide variety in quality that…

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    The New Guy in my Life

    I’m a messy writer. I make notes everywhere, backs of envelopes, receipts, box tops. If pen or pencil will make an impression on it I will write on it.

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    Keeping Me Honest

    Happy New Year! I know it is a little late, but the year still feels fresh although January is almost halfway gone. On New Year’s Day a friend asked me what were my resolutions for 2014. I sensed a bit of disappointment when I admitted that I didn’t have any, so I quickly clarified that I have plans for my…

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    I’m so vain

    A friend of mine picked up the proof of my soon-to-be released children’s book, Trapped in Dunston’s Cave, Book 3 of the Caribbean Adventure Series. She read the back and spotted the line that read “Published by CaribbeanReads Publishing”.

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    Great Responsibility

    In my first post at Novel Spaces, as a guest blogger, I wrote about the responsibility that I feel as a writer of children’s books to produce books that positively impact my young readers.

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    Time Travel

    I have always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. It is a tricky topic, expertly handled by some authors like Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan, not so well handled by others. 

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    My 24-7 Job

    I avoid funerals like the plague. When I was younger, I promised that I would never attend one, not even my own. Anyone who dared to open the casket at my funeral would be in for a shock, as I would not be there.