The Dinosaur Age

Youngest: That was built a long time ago, like the late 1900s.


New Finance

Elder child: “Mommy, things at the Lego store are much more expensive this year than last year.”
The joys of watching children shop now that they are spending their own money!


Birds and Bees

As I turn on to my street last night.
Radio: “Silent night, holy night, … round yon virgin.”
Younger pipes up: “Mommy, what’s a virgin.”
Mommy sings: “Sleep in heavenly peace.”
Older: “Don’t ask me, ask Mommy.”
Mommy bites the bullet: “A virgin is someone who has never had sex.”
Younger jumps out the car (we are now home), does a little dance in the driveway and yells: “I’m a virgin!”
I swear sometimes I live in a sitcom and the cameras are just hidden really well.

Big Plans

“If we pool our money we can buy a full popcorn machine and set it up down in the basement.”
Siblings that get along? Not always a good thing.


Gentle Reminders

This morning on the way to school. 9-yr old – “Mommy, if you see the tooth fairy today, please tell her that my tooth is under my pillow in a little blue box. It has been there for 3 days now.”



After listening to her grandmother describe a trip she would be taking, my seven year old piped up, hands on hips: “And how much is all of this going to cost?”

Like It Is

We were looking at a piece of abstract artwork. I explained to my seven and ten year old that it was abstract and each person looking at it could have a different impression of what it meant. My seven year old had a few theories, my ten year old commented: “It just looks like bad art!”


Safety First

My daughter enters the TV room, throws a tube of glue on the table.
Daughter: Who put this in my room?
Mommy: Probably the helper.
Daughter: Well, it clearly says ‘Keep out of reach of children.’


A Twist of Math

Younger child reads out a math question – Find the difference between 147 and 205.

Answer: 205 is a multiple of 5 and 147 is not.


Tooth Fairy Emergency

Note under baby girl’s pillow:
“I swallowed my tooth by axident. give me moeney still please.
love ……
to tooth fairy”