International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global day on which we celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women. In some countries, mainly in Africa and Asia, the day is a holiday and it has the equivalent status of Mother’s Day.

It is an important day here, a country where many women have second class status. It is not as obvious as other countries where women are told what to wear, where to go and how to act. However, women still suffer a number of indignities at the whims and fancies of men, including being banished from their villages and branded as witches, mistreated when they are widowed, and scorned if they contract HIV from their errant husbands.

This morning, my daughter insisted that I should write my blog about her. “I inspire you to write,” she reminded me, “AND I have the writing spirit.” She then described three stories that she has in her head to write down. “But I am still going to be a vet,” she added quickly.

I am so happy that my daughter has the freedom to make these choices, freedom earned on the backs of women who have fought since the 1900s to gain the right to be.

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