Look! A Moko Jumbie

Ages 6-9

Set in St. Croix, this book is about a boy, Bamidele, who sees two moko jumbies outside of his window. “They folded their hands together and leaned their heads on their clasped hands. They looked like one perfect shell split in two.”

Bamidele spends the rest of the day trying to learn more about what his vision means. He questions his sister, parents, teachers, his best friend, and more before finding a satisfactory answer about the role the Moko Jumbie plays in St. Croix’ society. Palmer Adisa draws the reader into a heart warming climax that makes us all want to join in the dance.

The Moko Jumbie illustrations by Christa-Ann Davis Molloy are delightful.

This will make a lovely classroom or bedtime read.

Read more about Moko Jumbies here.

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