• Heard on the Backseat

    Slave to Fashion

    So my youngest gets in the car after school and takes off MY shoes with a sigh. I look at her feet and the shoes have left an imprint on her feet. Me:       Do the shoes hurt your feet? Youngest:       Yes, but they look so GOOD! Clearly that sort of passion for fashion skips a…

  • This and that

    Birth of Love

    The events in Connecticut last week made me just want to hold my kids close and reminded me of this little note I jotted down several years ago. I held him in my arms and I knew that I would never again be the person I was just seconds before.

  • Commentaries,  Short Stories

    Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Produced for WinnFM 2008 (Usual disclaimer – I don’t do poetry!) From the moment your baby is born from perfect planning or tragic strife, One pain ends, but another begins, they are our responsibility for life

  • Children and Reading

    Help! My child won’t read

    Many parents worry because their children don’t want to read. The first step to addressing this, is to try to find out the cause of their reluctance. Once you know the why, it is much easier to come up with a mutually acceptable solution.

  • Children and Reading

    School Vacation Tips

    They call me the TV police. I struggle each school vacation to prevent a semester’s worth of learning, stimulation and independent thinking from being sucked into the television. Read on to find a few ideas on stimulating your child’s imagination over the summer.