YA Review – Time Sphere

Three Stars. I read Time Sphere: A Timepathway Book as a NetGalley reviewer. I was intrigued by the setting which moves between the modern day and ancient Egypt, and by the time travel aspect of the novel. I was not blown away by this book, but I read it through to the end mainly because of the charming main character Rhory.

Rhory connects with teens from the past to foil the evil plans of a Secret Society bent on steering the future for their own benefit.

Time travel is a difficult subject made even more so in this story which weaves in new theories for the beginning of the world, the concept of God, and the possibility of life beyond death. A valiant effort with some good writing and vivid scenes.

Readers will connect with Rhory who is a charming young man who handles the situation in which he finds himself with remarkable self-control, but they may not connect with the plot which in Rhory’s own words is ‘so confusing’. The author builds an extremely complex scenario of time travel and ancient Egyptian lore, and tells the story from different points of view.

There are a number of side stories which add neither to the plot nor the development of Rhory’s character.

When Time Sphere finally climaxes, the defeat of the bad guys is so swift in one case, and a bit of happenstance in another, that readers may be disappointed.

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