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    YA Review-Rise from Dirt

    In this, the third book in the science-fiction YA Dirt and Stars series, we find the continued adventures of Mara, Jael, and Beth along with a new and increasingly diverse cast of young people. Mara is a “spacer” born on a man-made space station, who came down to Earth in a previous book prepared to endure six weeks of exile on the disease-ridden, war-torn wasteland that spacers call dirt. Instead she makes friends, most surprisingly with Jael, an “earther” of African-American descent.

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    YA-Review Liana’s Dance

    Sixteen-year-old Liana is a student at a boarding school in northern Pakistan when religious extremists attack and capture several students. She manages to escape and then, along with one of her teachers, she executes a dangerous plan to rescue her classmates. I got my copy of Liana’s Dance on NetGalley and gave it three stars.

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    Nine children’s books under $10 available from CaribbeanReads

    Great news, I’m trying not to do cartwheels. Caribbean Reads’ ninth book, Seascapes, is now available on Amazon just in time for the holidays. It has been hailed as a delightful collection of beautifully illustrated stories about friendship. Great for children 8 and under although my 12 year old loved it. Get your copy today!